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Customer Testimonials

Barry (Jazz Man) Johnson

Received Tromba C Trumpet today.

The Trumpet plays amazingly well up and down the register and is very light - looks great too. I am very impressed with it.

The seller is amazing . He sends you the order number straight away with the courier he uses. The information is all there so you can track your order. Communication is outstanding.

This is a very good company . I highly recommend them to you. 

Gloucestershire Music

I am most impressed with my Black/Gold Tromba trumpet.

After a few weeks wearing/running in period the valves work and respond superbly. It is very easy free blowing – tuning and valve test very good.

This is excellent for teaching (KS2) very light and manageable. Used a lot for whole class tuition.

I have had no problems compared to other plastic trumpets where we have had many casualties and returns back to our workshops. I definitely prefer the durability and longevity the valves can give by still being able to use synthetic oils.

The only issue I had was caused through my own heavy handedness. I contacted Gareth and he replaced the part with no hassle. Thank you. 10/10

Johnnie (USA)

There's Perfect & Then There's "Everything But Brass"!

I've never had a smoother transaction.

I purchased a Tromba Flugelhorn and needed a modification. The communications were fast and accommodating!

I would buy from this vendor above all others!

The product is better than advertised and the shipment was quick.



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