What do you think of the plastic instruments we sell ?

What do you think of the plastic instruments we sell ?

Whilst we believe Tromba have produced a great sounding and affordable product we're interested to hear what others think ?


  • Mike Kirkby

    I am very impressed with the my Red Tromba Trumpet.

    I bought this as an alternative to my Bach Stradivarius for when I am working away from home – to keep my lip in. It has been perfect for this – lightweight and portable, but I am also very pleased with the great sound it gives, throughout the range.

    I recently used it at our Christmas gigs where it’s colour was ideal and added to the festivities!
  • Jan Wildauer

    Good morning Gareth,

    The cornet safely arrived here and I had the chance to test it already. Having stopped playing 1.5 years back and now resuming gives still not the desired result but that is where I have to work on myself.

    The cornet plays extremely well, has a quite soft tone (which I did not expect) and is different from what I had played in the past considering weight and handling. I will exchange the plastic mouthpiece for a metal one but still it plays surprisingly well with the plastic mouthpiece.

    Also as you mentioned below the valves need a bit of playing but I already get to the point where they run smoother compared to the beginning.

    I am absolutely satisfied and will recommend your shop for all brassband colleagues in case they need a handy alternative which is lightweighted and not temperatur sensitive! Especially playing outside in wintertime (we usually play on the christmas market here in Hamburg) I will benefit from the Tromba cornet.

    Again many thanks also for the nice exchange re shipping.

    best regards

  • Kelly Reynolds

    The trumpet arrived very quickly and in good packaging. It came with a case, two mouthpieces, cleaning equipment and a stand.

    The first thing you notice about the trumpet is that it doesn’t look plastic and the finish of the product is very professional. When I first picked it up it felt very light compared to my brass trumpet, although I soon got used to the difference in weight. I like having the option of two mouthpieces, as not everyone likes the same size.

    The trumpet plays very well, although I found the sound to be slightly more muffled than my brass trumpet. The tuning slides are a little stiff but I expect these will loosen over time with more use. Overall I think that it is a good trumpet, although there are differences between plastic and brass.

    I think that it would make a good beginner trumpet as it is very light to hold.

  • Philip Storer

    I am most impressed with my Black/Gold Tromba trumpet. After a few weeks wearing/running in period the valves work and respond superbly. It is very easy free blowing – tuning and valve test very good. This is excellent for teaching (KS2) very light and manageable. Used a lot for whole class tuition I have had no problems compared to other plastic trumpets where we have had many casualties and returns back to our workshops. I definitely prefer the durability and longevity the valves can give by still being able to use synthetic oils. The only issue I had was caused through my own heavy handedness. I contacted Gareth and he replaced the part with no hassle. Thank you. 10/10

  • G Shedden

    This is what Gabriel Hasselbach thinks of the Tromba Trumpet …..


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