What do you think of the plastic instruments we sell ?

What do you think of the plastic instruments we sell ?

Whilst we believe Tromba have produced a great sounding and affordable product we're interested to hear what others think ?


  • Kelly Reynolds

    The trumpet arrived very quickly and in good packaging. It came with a case, two mouthpieces, cleaning equipment and a stand.

    The first thing you notice about the trumpet is that it doesn’t look plastic and the finish of the product is very professional. When I first picked it up it felt very light compared to my brass trumpet, although I soon got used to the difference in weight. I like having the option of two mouthpieces, as not everyone likes the same size.

    The trumpet plays very well, although I found the sound to be slightly more muffled than my brass trumpet. The tuning slides are a little stiff but I expect these will loosen over time with more use. Overall I think that it is a good trumpet, although there are differences between plastic and brass.

    I think that it would make a good beginner trumpet as it is very light to hold.

  • Philip Storer

    I am most impressed with my Black/Gold Tromba trumpet. After a few weeks wearing/running in period the valves work and respond superbly. It is very easy free blowing – tuning and valve test very good. This is excellent for teaching (KS2) very light and manageable. Used a lot for whole class tuition I have had no problems compared to other plastic trumpets where we have had many casualties and returns back to our workshops. I definitely prefer the durability and longevity the valves can give by still being able to use synthetic oils. The only issue I had was caused through my own heavy handedness. I contacted Gareth and he replaced the part with no hassle. Thank you. 10/10

  • G Shedden

    This is what Gabriel Hasselbach thinks of the Tromba Trumpet …..


  • Gareth Shedden

    Thanks Michael for your message.

    Unfortunately I don’t sell second hand instruments on my website. But if you’re looking for second hand first try your local band as that way you know whose had it before you and of course you can see and try before you buy. Likewise try local selling sites for the same reasons. Then there’s music shops. You can try before you buy but of course you’re paying for their overheads. Failing all that online selling sites such as ebay, gumtree but of course there’s a risk here.

    Just before you go though have a look at my website as I sell NEW composite instruments between £100 and £200 that have been proven to rival the sound of instruments in the thousands. Plus for your security I have to abide by the online distance selling act (See my FAQ page), you’re covered with a years warranty and your payments are credit card and paypal protected via Shopify.

    Food for thought !

  • Michael Gaffney

    Where can I buy a second hand b flat trumpet.

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