Best Student or Beginner Cornet

There are so many brands out there that it can become confusing which is best and whilst one brand might be good for one person, another might not like it. So the choice is not just practical but personal too .... after all you have to enjoy playing it to want to practice and play more.

Let's look at the practicalities first (and ignore brands). A student or beginner will want an instrument that is comfortable to hold whilst not being too heavy. The valves should be easy to operate, especially for small hands and the instrument must be easy to blow. The last thing a student needs is a very large bore instrument. Then there's what happens if it's dropped and how expensive will it be to be repaired as let's face it our younger budding musicians frequently have accidents. Looks also come in to play and whilst it's necessary to fit in with the band if you're playing in one, it can also be advantageous to have a funky looking instrument that appeals to the student's eye and encourages practicing.

So we know what we need but the next question is which affordable brand and model best matches our criteria ? There's nothing better than visiting a store and holding and trying different instruments but with so many stores now going online you're forced to look at review sites and of course by word of mouth.

Most of the more well known brands including Besson and Yamaha traditionally have good student models but, have you considered the Tromba Pro B Flat Plastic Cornet ? Funnily enough this ticks every single box of your criteria too.

So there's my advice - decide what your criteria and priorities are and then work from there. 

Gareth Shedden

(Musician & Business Owner)




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