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Tromba Plastic Bb Flugelhorn - Black & Silver

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The company behind the Tromba and Allora brands are specialists in the field of plastic injection mouldings and their brief was to develop an affordable and durable range of musical instruments that would rival the best in terms of sound. I believe they have succeeded and here's a link to a Youtube video comparing a Vincent Bach & Tromba that might just convince you too.

And here's a review I found by Horntrader's Steve Dillard. It starts with the trumpet before moving on to the Flugel ....

Research shows that non metallic materials produce a more accurate tone. In addition these polymer instruments are not as susceptible to temperature changes so you won't need to tune your instrument quite so often.

They are also very light and that makes a huge difference if you are gigging all night or marching or I if you are young and just starting out.

Finally Tromba and Allora are the only polymer instruments on the market at the moment that use a metallic valve and lead pipe and thus longevity should be on par with a traditionally built instrument.

Main Features

  • Made from durable ABS polymer plastic
  • Precise but warm tone
  • Little affected by temperature so rarely needs tuning
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to play
  • Takes a standard mouthpiece
  • Slides and valves lubricated and ready to play
  • Interchangeable parts available to customize your instrument further


  • ABS Polymer Plastic Bb Flugel
  • Bell : One Piece 6.25 inch Diameter
  • Bore : 0.459 inch
  • Mouthpiece Receiver : Brass lined & Standard Size
  • Tuning : Main Slide and 3rd Valve Slide
  • Valves : Stainless Steel with ABS Core
  • Valve Sleeves : Brass 
  • Valve Upper : Top Sprung with Top Cap Felt or Rubber insert
  • Water Keys : One on Tuning Slide & One on 3rd Valve Slide
  • Weight : Approx 500g

Included with Instrument

  • Soft Gig Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • Manufacturer's Metal Mouthpiece
  • Cleaning Kit

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